let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Jess! Welcome to the ‘Does Running Late Count As Cardio?’ community!

I decided to start up this blog because of some upsetting trends I’ve been seeing in the health + fitness world. As someone who has struggled with feeling comfortable in my skin for most of my life, the fitness community is at times intimidating. On Instagram we’re bombarded with fitness models posing with teas and smoothie bowls, and all of that ‘perfect’ imagery can be more than a little discouraging to someone looking to get healthy. Not only that, but for many of us who have struggled with disordered eating, taking up fitness routines can be a slippery slope towards obsessive behaviours — and many of the practices encouraged by the diet culture that we live in are tremendously damaging to our bodies and our mental well-being.

I really believe that it’s possible to be happy + healthy by leading a balanced lifestyle (that means still eating pizza every now and again!) and I wanted to create a place where people who have a similar mindset can go to find support.

On that note, here are some things you should know about me!

– I have been workin’ on my fitness off and on for about 2 years now. After a time of extreme dieting and exercise, I’ve finally found my happy place of balance and overall well-being.
– If you can’t already tell, I love pizza. Like, I would eat some variation of pizza for every meal if I could do it while getting balanced nutrition. I also run on a mixture of coffee and sarcasm most days (and especially on Mondays before noon).
– I love spin classes and ab circuits… and I HATE burpees and most cardio. Cardio is hardio!
– I’ve got 2 pairs of Nike Frees… and I’m looking to add to my collection.
– I’m a social media butterfly! You can find me on Instagram (@DRLCAC)… let’s be friends!
– I’m a Harry Potter nerd! Not super relevant to fitness, but hey, it needed to be said.

Please check back in soon as I’ll be adding as much content as I can over the next few days… it’s looking pretty sad and empty over here! If you have any suggestions on topics to cover or questions you’d like to ask, please leave me a comment!

Nice to meet you all!



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