Week 1 Update

Hi beauties!

I decided I should do a weekly update as I work through the Bikini Body Guide this time, both to keep myself accountable and to share some of what I notice with all of you!

Both my sweet boyfriend and I started our ‘health cleanse’ so to speak on Monday, January 2nd, and so far we have done really well! No cheats as of yet, and this time I haven’t had too many massive sugar-withdrawal headaches, so I’ll call that a win. He is already down 9 POUNDS (I know, what?! Keep in mind that he’s like 6’6″…) and I’m sitting at 6 pounds down. In case you’re not good at math, like me, that’s almost a pound a day. Now, to be fair, a significant portion of this is probably water weight. But it just goes to show how fast your body will respond when you go from treating it poorly to treating it right.

I feel so much better – after the holidays I was sluggish and tired and bloated, and as is typical for me, my digestive tract was waaaaaay out of whack. But after a week of clean eating and exercise I’m feeling like myself again!

After starting strong we’re looking to keep the momentum going this week… I’m aiming high for another 3lb loss! Either way though, I know the number on the scale doesn’t matter too much – how I feel is far more important. And my body is a happy camper right now!


Have an amazing week all!




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