Yikes, it’s been a while!

This month so far has been a bit of a shit show, for lack of a better term. I restarted the BBG at the beginning of the month and was doing great, completely on track for about 2 weeks, and then things started to unravel.

My boyfriend and I got rear-ended on our way to our anniversary dinner, which resulted in me having a back/neck injury. Given that I could barely move, exercise was definitely off the table. For now the closest I can get to the gym is physiotherapy, which really sucks. Then, just as my pain went from excruciating to more of a dull ache, I got hit with a killer virus and have been coughing up a lung for the better part of a week. My job situation also deteriorated slightly – I told my boss that I was leaving and she didn’t take it very well, and things have been strained. This is even worse given that my boss is also my dad’s fiancee.. it’s all very complicated. All the more reason that my next bit of news is so exciting!! 

There have been positive distractions too – I got a whirlwind interview and then job offer all in the matter of a couple of weeks, and I start my new job on February 2nd! I’m so excited as it’s 100% the change of pace that I needed, and it’s a job I can really get excited and passionate about. I’m really looking forward to getting some of my pep back and feeling like I have a zest for life again! Only 3.5 more work days to go in my current position.

I’m starting to feel my cold receding today, so hopefully I’ll have my lungs back by the weekend. The recovery from my car accident may be a bit of a longer road, but I’m hoping I’ll be back on my feet and BBG-ing again soon. In the meantime I have tried hard to keep up with my healthy eating, and while I haven’t always been successful, I actually managed to lose another pound and a bit, bringing me back down to 191lbs, which is almost a 9lb loss since Christmas. Definitely not where I wanted to be by now, but not too shabby either!

Healthy living is all about the ups and downs, as I know very well, and the downs seem to come in waves. So let’s hope it’s all up from here! I have a 5k to train for!

I hope all of your weeks are going well, and that you’ve had a successful January so far!





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