Fitness trends: they’re EVERYWHERE. As a great lover of the fitness community on Instagram, especially, I am constantly bombarded with the ‘right’ way to go about losing weight and getting healthy – and sometimes it’s hard to sift through the crap.

I’ll fully admit it – I have been desperate. Sheer desperados, my friends. I’ve been dragging my butt to the gym almost every morning before work, eating basically nothing delicious (pizza… I miss you boo), and I’d lost a grand total of like, 4 pounds in 8 weeks. W.T.F. Last time, the weight basically fell off me (to contextualize this I probably have about 30-40 lbs to lose), and now it’s sticking to me like it’s my job. So naturally, I start to do some research.

Now, those of you who know me know that I do my best to be immune to internet bullshit. I don’t believe in fad diets (Can we just talk about the ‘keto’ diet for a sec? Like I’m happy for you that you’re losing weight by literally just eating fat and protein all day, but DUDE. That shit is NOT good for your arteries long-term. It’s not healthy.) and I believe in questioning what you read on the internet. Always. (Question this blog post! Question me! Question everything!) But despite all of my bullshit detectors, my desperation got me swept up into a restrictive eating style. I fell down the low-carb rabbit hole and started to convince myself that I should cut carbs, and that would be the miracle I needed to break through this weird weight loss plateau I’d encountered.

WELP. So much for that. I’d been SO CAREFUL about what I was eating for about 3 weeks, and nothing was happening. So, I reached out to my beautiful community on Instagram, worried I had some kind of hormone imbalance going on.

One lovely lady’s comment hit me right in the gut. She asked “are you sure you haven’t been restricting too much?”


I’d reduced my carb intake. I’d been obsessing over every bite that went into my mouth for the better part of a month. I’d been eating as little as 1350 calories some days. And for whatever reason I hadn’t been able to come to that realization without another human actually asking me about it. Thoughts of stress hormones and starvation mode and all the shit that I know came tumbling back into my head. I know better than this. But I still fell into the trap that is disordered eating.

And you know what, friends? MY BODY LOVES CARBS. I guess some people’s bodies hate them and love fats and proteins (cough- keto) but mine loves carbs. And exercise. And enough calories. I decided to eat intuitively for 4 days…. and I dropped 7 pounds. Just. Like. That.

(Disclaimer – much of that was water weight.)

I filled my body full of veggies and protein and whole grain bread (and a cinnamon raisin bagel or two)…. and my body was like “THANK GOODNESS” and came back to life.

To be fair, I have also started taking vitamin/mineral supplements to make sure I’m getting enough of what I need, so that may have contributed as well… but holy shit. What a wake up call.

The moral of the story is this: there is no quick fix for weight loss. We know it, but we still want there to be some magic solution that will melt the pounds off. The reality is that weight loss is unbelievably hard, and messy, and LONG. But if you do things the right way and are kind to your body instead of taking out all of your self-loathing on it, you will get there. I promise.

So find what your body loves, and run with it. If that’s yoga – awesome! If it’s mad cardio – get it girl! If it’s protein and lifting heavy – go for it! If it’s veganism – hell yeah! Get in touch with your body, check in with it, and figure out what it loves. And just do that.




  1. soundofrunning says:

    Yes girl!
    It is amazing when you finally realise that listening to your body is far better for you than restricting your diet because of some stupid fad!
    I tried cutting carbs too and I lasted a whole 3 days. I love carbs too much!!


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