Hey friends! If you haven’t yet heard of Whole 30…. well, you’re about to.

Whole 30 is a suuuuper paired down eating plan designed to reduce inflammation and irritation as a result of what you’re eating. For me, it is basically an exercise in sugar detoxification. My birthday was last week and as usual, I got a little overzealous with the whole celebrating thing, and my eating went down the toilet. It was a glorious, glorious week of pie, ice cream, pizza, and pasta…. but as per usual for me, once I spiral a bit I REALLY spiral. So Whole 30 is my way of reigning myself back in a bit and focusing on nutrition. The idea is that you eat very carefully but very simply for 30 days, and once that time is up start reintroducing food groups one at a time to see how your body reacts. The Whole 30 no-no groups are, loosely categorized:

  • Grains. (This includes oatmeal (sadface), bread (NOOOOO), and even quinoa and brown rice.)
  • Legumes. (Including beans (so long to my fav clean recipe, turkey chili), chickpeas (hummus! waaaaaah), and soy.)
  • Dairy. (We have a love-hate relationship already so I can kiiiinda live with this one. Coconut milk is bae.)
  • Added sugar. (It’s in everything. Seriously.)

And that’s it! So basically I can eat veggies, lean protein, and fruit. That’s it, that’s all, folks! I started yesterday, June 4th, and h’oh boy. I have done a sugar detox before, which is precisely why I decided to start this on a Sunday. I anticipated a migraine and I was correct! I spent allllll afternoon yesterday on the couch with my head feeling like it was being split open by a meat cleaver. (Gilmore Girls was some comfort, but being allowed to eat sugar probably would’ve been better.) There came a point at which I wanted to eat a cookie – not because I actually wanted the cookie itself, but because I knew eating sugar would make my headache go away. (I even had some grapes to try to help the situation, and they didn’t do the trick. Refined sugar is a hell of a drug.) If you don’t believe that a sugar addiction is real, try a sugar detox. It will make you a believer, my friend. (And like, not in a good way.)

The good news is that I feel like a new woman after having my coffee this morning. I’m hydrated, I’m not crazy hungry, and my headache is gone! I’m also less bloated than I’ve been in weeks.

So essentially you can all start taking bets on how long I’ll make it. I feel like if I can keep this up for 30 days, I can probably do anything, so we’ll see. Maybe I’ll be Wonder Woman by the end of this? Or at least be as fit as she is? A girl can dream.

At the end of the 30 days I’ll be reintroducing foods, probably starting with grains because I love them and they are wonderful, and then moving through all of the food groups. My hope is that I’ll be able to keep away from the refined sugars for the most part, as I find my overall health is waaaaay better when I’m not eating them. Once the sugar addiction is broken I find it’s actually pretty easy to stay away – things start tasting sooo sweet when all you’ve been eating is fruit for sweetness. I don’t believe in long-term restrictive diets, as I’ve made very clear, so this is purely a reset to curb my sugar issues, not a long-term plan. NOBODY SHOULD BE FORCED TO LIVE WITHOUT BREAD, OKAY? (Sorry celiacs 😦 )

Anyways, that’s that. I’ve weighed myself before starting, as well as taken some pictures for reference, and we’ll see what magic the Whole 30 has in store for me over the next month! People say it’s life changing and that they feel great afterwards…. so we’ll see if it lives up to the hype.

For now, the countdown is on. Day 2/30.


Send me good vibes, peeps!





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