I’m over a week into this.

I know, whaaaat? How am I doing this? Even I have no idea.

But today is day 9 of 30 (oh my god 21 days still seems like such a long time help) and I’m still here. So far, I’m down over 6 pounds – and that’s with very little exercise. (I gave myself a break the first week to let my body adjust to the lack of sugar/carbs before attempting any truly difficult workouts.) I did hit up spin class on Saturday morning, and while I very nearly died (just kidding… mostly) I felt pretty good!

I’m going to see Wonder Woman tonight (FINALLY) so send me all your positive vibes so that I’ll be strong enough to avoid the beautiful, buttery popcorn.

Also – I’m feeling like I’m going to have to implement some kind of reward system in order to keep up with this, so leave me any great ideas you’ve got for non-food-based rewards. I’m thinking at the end of this week, I deserve a mani-pedi… am I right?

Hope you’re all surviving and thriving this Monday morning!





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