Okay guys, so I read something this morning that SHOOK ME TO MY VERY CORE. This headline greeted me this morning:

“Eating fried potatoes linked to higher risk of death, study shows” 

(Apparently regular, non-fried spuds are chill tho.)

And, like, quite frankly, I feel personally victimized by this news.

After thinking about it for a very short period of time, though, this is my reaction:e12

Forget fries before guys…. FRIES BEFORE EVERYTHING!

(I’m obviously kidding… mostly.)

In all seriousness though, people read headlines like this everyday and freak out. One day it’s dairy, the next it’s red meat, the next it’s fries. Clearly we all know that fries aren’t that good for us, and we should definitely not be eating them every day. But most of us sensible humans also know that moderation is key, and that treating ourselves to fries every now and again isn’t going to do us much harm. Scare tactics like this are silly.

There is no reason you can’t enjoy your favourite foods in moderation, even if they are fried potatoes of death.

(I am so sorry – I’m all over the place today with my sense of humour and my posts have been cray at best. I’ll be back to normal after the weekend, promise. 😉 )





  1. C. Mitchell says:

    I saw the same article and was a little upset by it too! French fries are my absolute favorite and I am not giving them up. But like you said, moderation is key so I won’t eat them as often.


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