It’s Friday, I’m tired, its been raining all week, I haven’t eaten any bread in 13 WHOLE DAYS …. I think a silly post is in order.

I’m going to list below everything I find annoying about the fitness world. Maybe another day I’ll elaborate on these annoyances… just to be a super irritating complainer. You’re welcome.


  1. Attempting to remove/getting stuck in a sweaty sports bra after a particularly strenuous arm workout
  2. People who sit and ‘stretch’ for a million years in the gym (by stretching I mean making use of a smart phone)
  3. Stairs/hills/toilets after leg day
  4. Doing laundry 12 times a week to wash all that workout gear
  5. Salad
  6. People who try to sell you shitty diet pills/wraps/shakes on Instagramgiphy-downsized (5)
  7. People who try to recruit you to pyramid schemes on Instagram
  8. People who really believe they will get rich via the pyramid scheme they joined on Instagram
  9. “Coaches” who have absolutely zero qualifications to give fitness and health advice, but decided to give it anyway… you guessed it – on Instagram!
  10. Really, really, really fit people
  11. Not being able to freely consume pizza whenever and wherever the mood strikesgiphy-downsized (1)
  12. Knowing the exact nutrition facts of what you’re about to consume when you’re treating yourself and feeling tragic about it
  13. People around you who know you’re trying to be healthier constantly commenting on how ‘you look thinner!’ even though you know for sure that you don’t
  14. Coworkers bringing cake/cookies/muffins/snacks into the office and sharing them
  15. Watching your coworkers eat said snack as you cry into your lean protein and veggies, alone at your deskgiphy-downsized (4)
  16. Burpees
  17. Getting hangry when there’s no accessible healthy food in your vicinity
  18. Meal planning
  19. Spending a million dollars at the grocery store every Sunday
  20. Saying to yourself “I feel really lean today!” and then having the scale completely ruin it for yougiphy
  21. Conflicting information (mostly about nutrition but also about exercise)
  22. Fad diets
  23. People who try to convince you to do fad diets
  24. Falling for fad diets and regretting it later
  25. People with naturally fast metabolisms (especially ones who brag about it)
  26. Reading about how your favourite food is apparently now horrible for you (RIP french fries – Fried-Potatoes of Death)
  27. Cardiogiphy-downsized (3)
  28. The price of athletic clothing
  29. The price of a gym membership
  30. Unsolicited advice from LITERALLY EVERY PERSON ON EARTH about losing weight/gaining muscle/ toning up/ etc etc etc
  31. Being so well-hydrated that you have to get up to pee every half hour
  32. People questioning your life choices all the time, and having to constantly justify why you’re doing what you’re doing
  33. Getting up stupidly early to go to the gym before workgiphy-downsized (2)
  34. Feeling like you wasted a day if you haven’t worked out
  35. Forgetting your Fitbit at home and not realizing until you get to the gym (I mean really, what’s even the POINT?)
  36. When your Fitbit decides spontaneously that it no longer wants to record your heart rate in the middle of a workout
  37. Doing something embarrassing in front of everyone at the gym (like the time I almost fell off of a treadmill after dropping my phone #hotmess)giphy (1)
  38. Being the party pooper who always wants to go home early to get those 8 hours of sleep in
  39. Juice cleanses. Actually, all cleanses. (True fact: the only ‘cleanse’ you need is a functioning liver. You’re welcome.)
  40. People who promote detox teas that are really just laxatives. (GROSS.)

Did I miss any? Add yours in a comment and we’ll keep the list going!

(Obviously this is all in good fun and not meant to offend anyone! #jokes We’re all in this together, and sometimes it’s fun to commiserate and make fun of ourselves a little!)

Happy FRI-YAY!!





    • jessrinfret says:

      Ooooh, that reminds me, I need to add “judgey teenagers who laugh at anyone who isn’t rail thin while they work out” to this list. People are so weird about size! Why are you mocking/setting limits on someone who is trying to better themselves? I don’t get it.


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